Photography can store moments, feelings, experiences, life stories... It is simply to be there and capture people’s soul.


I was born in 1986 and was brought up in Lisbon but I have been working in London for 8 years, with mentally ill adults, mostly autistic. Those I work with express themselves mainly through their eyes, movement and behaviour, and trying to understand what they are trying to convey without words, fascinates me.


I decided to travel alone through other countries. Solitude allows me to concentrate on the behaviour of others, their movements and looks, their expressions, fears and joy, their reflexions and also their cultures, costumes and many other things that are before us every day but we don’t always have the benefit of solitude that enables us to SEE!


I travel through Cameroon where I witnessed the daily fight for survival; I passed through Vietnam, Laos and Thailand where I encountered material poverty as well as human and spiritual magnitude... In Cambodia and Myanmar I was able to meet the dispossessed with so much to give.


My friend Guro, now present only in my memories and my desperate longing for him, encouraged me to buy my first camera and showed me that life is goes by, and I want to spend mine doing what I like; PHOTOGRAPHY




"Express  the ligh in the Dark and the darkness in the light"